• Into the park need to charge it?

    Park to implement free admission system, the park activities and the latest developments please pay attention to the official WeChat.

  • 45 equipment Park (Play upgrade package), people use can ride at the same time, the remaining number of times, it is invalid?

    Hello, we currently use the card card card consumption, there is no pass only sets of cards.

  • How much is your pass ticket?

    So far the park did not pass the sale, the sale of the network have corresponding benefits package as well as the entrance area there is a cash card and the device single ticket sale.

  • What are the discount packages and how are they sold?

    There are three kinds of discount packages, 1. cash discount card; 2. play upgrade package; 3. parent sets of cards.

  • Can the card be used only on that day?

    Card refers to the sale of online discount cash card and cash card sold scenic, Validity two kinds of packages are valid for one year from the date of redemption.

  • Purchased from the Internet or the network where to buy tickets to take?

    In the South Gate team reception room exchange.

  • 45 items to take a deduction once?

    45 equipment you can exchange unlimited travel on the same day.

  • Can cash discount cards be used for food and beverage consumption?

    Cash discount card and cash card is a certain difference, cash discount card can only be used for consumer equipment park.

  • Parent-child card is only one person to sit, or can people ride at the same time?

    Parents can be 1.3 meters below the children and an adult at the same time take the equipment, 24 equipment to choose to ride, the cumulative number of riding no more than 15 times.

  • Park in addition to the purchase of cards have no other concessions?

    In addition to the park to buy online discount Taoka, the entrance area can buy a cash card, all play equipment in the park brush cash card discount.

  • Can the project in the park be repeated?

    The park's projects are able to repeat the ride, buy a smooth upgrade package is the same day you can repeat the unlimited ride.

  • If you do not purchase passes, how much money a single ride?

    Different price of different equipment, the specific price to the ticket office shall prevail.


    Chengdu Nanhu Fantasy Island Playground

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